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Awards and Testimonials

Nine months of pregnancy feels like a breeze, thanks to the outstanding efforts of Dr. Rakhi Gupta. Right from our very first visit, we are very happy to have chosen Dr. Rakhi Gupta for our care. She is very attentive and listens which is an absolute plus! She takes her time and never rushes you out the door during your consultation. Dr. Rakhi responds to every phone call & message that I left for her, within hours. Expecting everything to be normal. May you be blessed forever... :)

Regards, Shraddha

Shraddha Gautam

Expectant Mommy

Recently I am blessed with baby girl and we both are very fine. To share my experience with Dr Rakhi, it was really fantastic and I am thankful to God that I got associated with her. Although I was new in the city and approached her without any referral and got best treatment ever. Being in pregnancy I was very afraid but the way she has treated, make it uncomplicated and never face any problem till delivery. I admire her approach of giving enough time to understand each and every problem of client and give her best consultation. She is so down to earth that will remember you by your name and even call back on your mobile no(if require). Once again thank you vey much and God bless you? Regards Vijay Laxmi Shukla W/O-Ghanshyam Pandey (MS-IIT Delhi) Manager-tesa AG,

Vijay Laxmi Shukla

Satisfied Mom

I am very lucky and happy that I have been find a doctor and gynaecologist as good as Dr Rakhi Gupta in a foreign land India, away from my country Nigeria. I have tremendously been benefited by the surgery by her and still under her treatment. She treated me like a friend, doctor, guide and mother for everything related or unrelated. I wish her the very best and recommend her to my friends and people of my country.


A satisfied patient

Sweet...warm...patient...and she listens - its almost like I am describing a friend. Well that's exactly how Dr. Rakhi is. I first consulted her almost seven years back with my mom and I haven't been to any other doctor since! Now that I am married, the relationship continues. I hope to be a mother someday soon with God's blessings, and I cant think of anyone better than Dr. Rakhi to guide and help me through the period. Thanks Dr. Rakhi.

Anubha Gupta

A very satisfied patient

In continuation with my previous testimonial, I recently became a mom with God's blessings! And I cannot thank Dr Rakhi enough for her continued support and guidance! :) I had a million questions during my pregnancy about myself and the baby, and Dr Rakhi NEVER failed to answer any of those (whether it was on whatsapp or on phone). I feel very fortunate and rather blessed to have had her as my doctor. I felt very safe and secure in her hands during my delivery. Post delivery, her support continues. I consider her more than just my doctor! I wish her all the very best in life.

Anubha Gupta

Extremely happy patient

I just happened to visit Dr. Rakhi Gupta early last year. And who knew the association will go so long. To describe her and her work is like describing something divine. No matter what kind of health issues you are facing, just a simple visit will reassure you that she is there for you. She never gets tired of clearing all your doubts. Another thing which is absolutely commendable is that she never let her patients call go unattended. Call her and she will be there to help you out. This is my personal experience and I am glad and blessed that I found her. It's only because of her that today I am experiencing motherhood (Oh, it feels wonderful!). Thank you Doctor for letting me experience this superb feeling. Words are falling short. But I will be grateful to you forever.


Extremely Satisfied (Magical)

Dr. Rakhi Gupta is not just a gynaecologist, but a true healer. When it comes to her nature, she is extremely friendly. When it comes to her work, it's incredible. The relationship that she builds with her patients is so genuine that you will open up your heart, even though it's your first time. After two years of acquaintance, just a talk with her makes me feel confident and actually releases my good hormones. Today, with her care and guidance I am able to enter motherhood. It's the most overwhelming feeling. All thanks to her, for diagnosing it right, treating it right, and I know she will be there throughout my entire mommyhood. She is the best and I am sure she will be best for other ladies too! A true gem in the world of doctors!


Thank You Doctor

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